Modern Yellow Pouch

Stylish, modern, lightweight vanity pouch with black zipper.

This insanely cute and multi-purpose pouch is super chic and has versatile uses.

Not only can be used as a makeup bag, but also as a clutch when out and about. Here’s all clever ways you can use with this sunshine yellow pouch:

Jewelry storage: pack nicely your favorite pieces into your pouch, well-organized and avoid losing them.

In-flight bag: put in-flight essentials in check, being a neat frequent traveller! Can put passport, tickets, chargers, lip balm, face mister, hand sanitizer all in.

A makeup bag: makeup essentials in and ready anytime for touch ups. A makeup brush bag: a great choice to fit all your makeup brushes together and in order.

Travel toiletries: store all your travel toiletries nicely and know where to find them on-the-go.

Nail Kits: all your nail file, polish remover, varnishes all in one bright yellow place. Put your camera or hard drive: the bubbles surface offer a soft protection for delicate items such as electronics in case of an accidental drop.

Water-proof bag: go for a swim in a pool or at a beach, no need to worry about your items getting wet. Tote your SPF or outdoor essentials.

A stylist clutch: functional and chic, won’t have to spend so much on an expensive one.