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Refresh Skin Roller is an effective self-care essential tool that delivers visible transformation and instant results for a better wellness routine and skin anti-aging regimen. It is a portable, convenient, safe and painless by using micro-needling technique to trigger skin’s own healing and rejuvenation response with a collagen boost, making skin stronger and firmer (also known as collagen induction therapy). The fine titanium micro needles glide over creating micro punctures on the first layer of skin.

Who It's For? anti-aging, dullness, dark spots, Fine lines and wrinkles,  saggy skin, loss of volume in skin, sun damaged skin. 

The texture: micro-needling with 540 titanium micro needles 

Skin feel: firm, toned, plumped, cell regeneration, new collagen production.

Skin look: a younger firmer complexion with less visible fine lines and wrinkles, more radiant, less skin discolouration. 

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Refresh skin roller is powered by non-invasive, safe, effective microneedling technology. Enhance your collagen production at home without going to medical spas or Dr's office. 

Supercharge skin collagen production for a firmer, toner, more plumped complexion.

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