Pain Relief Cream *15%off

A rich blend of anti-inflammatory and skin-loving ingredients to provide exceptional hydration and pain-relieving benefits. Formulated with extra strength 500mg CBD, Clove and Peppermint, it delivers unparalleled absorption for topical pain relief and cooling sensation upon contact. Excellent for sore backs, stiff necks, arthritis,  joint pain and muscle aches.

Workout Must-haves

Improve your fitness routine at your home gym by adding these two post-exercise essentials. Don't let sore muscles stop your peak performance.

1.  Cool off with our CBD workout mist, ease tension while moisturizing skin.

2. Relieve aches and relax from head to toe with a CBD bath.

3. Apply CBD pain relief lotion to soothe your muscles. Or if you want to have a richer texture for dry skin, see CBD lemon Balm.

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How often can I use pain cream?

Our pain cream is formulated with botanicals extracts. can be used as pain cream on targeted areas caused by inflammation, or can be used as skin moisturizer with some fresh minty scent.