Detox Bath mini *15%off

Detox, cleanse, purify, rejuvenate body + soul with premium hemp CBD Dead Sea Salts for wellness self-care routines.

Refresh luxurious CBD bath salts are ideally suited for rejuvenation, detoxification, cleanse and relief.

Therapeutic botanical properties such as Cannabidiol (CBD) + rich dead sea minerals + Neroli & Bergamot essential oils promote effective body + soul cleansing + renew, stress, anxiety and fatigue relief, a comforting healing state of being.

This luxurious blend is designed to holistically detox, has restorative and regenerative benefits to your mind + body. We all need some ways to get rid of negativities and bad vibes or reset yourself from stress, this could be your secret sauce. 

the power of a cbd bath

A few mindful minutes to de-stress is the key to total wellbeing and ready for whatever life has to throw at you. Here are main benefits of a warm CBD bath:

1. helps loosen dirt and debris from pores, buff away dead skin. Skin is left feeling clear and soft.

2. enhances our precious hours in bed and improves the quality of sleep.

3. helps recover after exercises, reset your body and ready to face your next challenge.

4. help set aside any worries you have, assists mindfulness practice and enjoy a few moments of soothing solitude.

5. leave your skin smelling gorgeous, promote a happy feeling and good vibes, enjoy a self-indulge "me-time".

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How many times can I use a mini pouch CBD bath salts?

We recommend using the whole pouch for a bath to get the best relaxing experience.