Pain Relief Roll-On Gel

High potency 1000mg super plant roll-on

Relieve, ease muscles and joints soreness, aches with Refresh CBD pain relief Roll-On. This easy-to-use cooling CBD Roll-On gel is ideally for pre-workout or post-workout, who live an active lifestyle with regular intense activities, who have pain problems due to health conditions.

Refresh CBD Roll-On is designed for various forms of pain relief, exercise-induced inflammation, reduce muscles sore and aches, and overall pain discomfort caused by health conditions.

Therapeutic properties such as Cannabidiol (CBD) + Aloe Vera + Mint & Cucumber extracts promote muscles + joints relaxation and support, melt tension, reduce inflammations, provide a rapid cooling effect. Rub it on after your workout or outdoor activities, or where you feel discomfort pain, to feel the fast-acting cooling impact and sensation.

Third party Lab-tested to ensure purity + potency.

Each 3oz bottle contains 1000mg organically US-grown full spectrum CBD. Optimal strength 1000mg CBD delivers best results.

Vegan | Cruelty free | Paraben free

CBD for pain relief & ease muscle tension

This wiser wellness essential - ease sore muscles, lower back aches, strains and sprains with our 100% botanical blend pain relief roll-on that helps speed up recovery naturally.

Ingredient spotlight:

1. 1000 mg hemp-derived CBD.

2. Peppermint extracts.

3. Cucumber extracts.

4. 20 most loved essential oils.

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