Aromatic Rollerball collection

Breathe in the moment | use on-the-go

Achieve inner peace, outer glow, total well-being with our CBD Aroma PulsePoint Rollerball Collection:

1. CBD + Lavender

2. CBD + Rose

3. CBD + Peppermint

Each pocket size rollerball has 30mg Hemp CBD in 3ml.

Travel friendly. Use anytime anywhere.

Vegan | Cruelty free | Paraben free | No artificial colorants | major allergen free | Fragrance free | Lab tested 

A range of sensory pleasures

A collection of CBD aromatic treatments improves overall wellness and vitality, soothe, restore, energies your body, mind and senses.

Where can I apply Pulsepoint rollerballs?

Pulsepoints, lymphatic nodes, neck, head.