About Us

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Our Story:

We believe in self-care & impact.

When you start with a simple act of self-care, you are a healthier + happier person, that has a dramatic lasting impact on people and world around you.

We believe in empowering people to meet the demands of their lives with peak performance, with more resilience, more balance, more happiness, more support, and of course a better you. 










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The Refresh Way:

We believe in highest & clean quality.

Our mission is also our passion that is to deliver the highest quality hemp wellness products you can embrace and practice self-care in daily life, to support to be & feel best of yourself no matter where you are in your journey.










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Our commitment:

We believe businesses have a social responsibility.

Our commitment is giving back & creating impact by contributing 5% sales to environmental and social changes. 

We take action and make best effort in how we do better. With a firm belief and respect of nature and people, we are all connected, and ultimately, a better you, a better us, a better society matter the most.