Room Spray

refreshing peaceful atmosphere inspired by vitality of nature

Refresh CBD Room Mist unfolds an exquisite blend of sparkling citrus bergamot, warm woody Patchouli, soothing calming CBD that instantly refresh any room. The power of botanicals and essential oils bring nature’s presence inside your home, balance any atmosphere into a livelier, more vibrant place while support inner vitality. The environment is redefined with this delicate room mist that provides an immediate and lasting scent to closets, cars, powder rooms, linens and so much more.

Vegan | Cruelty free | Paraben free

rebalancing to comfort and calm

Imbue home, office, closet, car, or any space with distinctive, soothing aromas and calming CBD that help calm the mind, awaken the senses, lift the mood of the day.

Where else can I use room mist?

refreshment in any setting: shower, car, closet, living room, bathroom, guest room.