Tips on keep your lung healthy

May 08, 2020

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Keeping your lung healthy during Coronavirus pandemic seems more important ever.

Here are some tips Refresh wants to share with you.

1. Clean your carpets or floors, clean your home humidifier or air purifier

Vacuuming your carpets three times weekly is always a good idea. Steam clean them every year is also recommended. The reason is that carpets can trap mold, dirt, cockroach droppings, dust mites, and can get into the air and into your lungs. The chemicals used to make and install carpet could cause lung problems.

Floors are a bit better than carpets but swiffering them clean three times per week is also recommended.

Humidifiers could develop an airborne fungus that can infect and inflame your lungs if you don’t clean it. That's why it's important to change filters and do regular maintenance on humidifier, air heating and cooling systems.

2. Don’t smoke

It is not new that smoking is terrible for overall health, and particularly bad for lung health. Tobacco smoke can inflame your airway, irritate your lungs, make it harder to breathe. In a long run, smoking destroys tissues, and smoking is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer and the main cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that damages the tiny air sacs in your lungs that process oxygen. 

3. Wash your hands frequently

Washing hands far more frequently in Coronavirus pandemic time is in our daily life now. An airway infection, like a cold, can get into your lungs and cause serious health problems. You can protect yourself, keep germs away if you wash your hands often with soap and water. Brushing your teeth twice a day, visit your dentist twice a year can also maintain lung health.

 4. Hydrate yourself, drink plenty of water

Staying well hydrated is key. Inside our lungs, there is a thin lining of mucus. This lining stays thin when you drink enough water, which helps your lungs do their job better. It is also easier to cough up the mucus in your lungs that can cause discomfort and breathing problems. 

 5. Breathing exercises

When you inhale and bring fresh air in & exhale to get carbon dioxide out, diaphragm does the work for healthy lungs. Breathing exercises can strengthen diaphragm, increase oxygen in your blood and body, increase lung elasticity. Out with the old, in with the new. Breathing exercises can also help lower stress hormone cortisol, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve core muscle stability, help clear your mind and get rid of headaches, great for meditation.

A man is working out in home


6. Stay active, exercise as usual

Exercise helps keep you healthy in general, especially good for heart and lung health. It can even reduce the symptoms of some long-term lung conditions. A walk, a jog, a yoga session or regular tennis game or golfing can do the trick.

 6. Take a CBD-infused botanical bath with eucalyptus grapefruit aroma. Refresh invites you to try best CBD bath salts and you will be in love with it. A warm bath is already rewarding, enriched a  & infused with CBD and other natural botanicals, rich minerals take the bubble bath experience up a notch. Our organically cultivated hemp CBD start with organic farming practice in USA, end with triple testing with final products. All clean ingredients with no chemicals of concerns.

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7. Clean your appliances

Appliances make chemical called nitrous oxide when gas burns in certain cooktops and ovens. This gas can inflame your lungs, make you cough, wheeze, and trigger asthma. Same as when burning wood, oil, coal, or kerosene. Ensure your appliances get regular maintenance, and ensure send waste gases out of the house.



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