The Quality of Refresh CBD: Why are our Products so expensive?

February 22, 2021

The Quality of Refresh CBD: Why are our Products so expensive?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol , launched in 2020 and has become extremely popular since. From candy, to tinctures, balms, skincare, and more hemp has easily become the miracle product of the year. A comment we get often is, “There are other CBD skin care products out there that are way cheaper.” Our response is, this is 100% true. However, the quality of their products versus our products are completely. Here are 5 Reasons why our CBD products are expensive.


Premium Hemp Sources:

Different CBD products can have different methods when it comes to the process of extracting. Because CBD is so new, and there is a lack of regulations in the manufacturing process, this leaves room for shortcuts. So, those products you’re seeing that are “cheaper” is because they’re using cheap methods to extract CBD. This could contain solvents that are dangerous like propane, butane, and many more.

Here at The Refresh Shop our CBD is sun grown outdoors, organic, and practices sustainable farming methods. We also use the latest extraction process and technology.


Third Part Lab Results:

Like most high quality hemp brands, we test all of our products through an independent 3rd party lab. These lab tests are important, because they ensure that the CBD oil is everything is claimed to be with a low amount of THC, a high level of CBD, and is not harmful to your health.

cbd oil

Female Plants Grown & Made in the USA

Female Hemp plants have more nutrients than male plants, that is why we only use female plants to give you the highest quality of CBD in all of our products. All of our products are made in America and in FDA approved facilities.

We understand that our products are expensive, due to the extensive process we go through to assure that you’re getting the best, and safest, hemp skincare products from us. That is why we’ve created our trial program, so that you can see if we’re a good fit to your skincare routine. Click here to give us a try today!

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