The Importance of Self Care

February 26, 2021

The Importance of Self Care

Why do we consider self care “treats”? Self care isn’t considered a luxury, but is a necessity for  our wellbeing. Whether you consider self care as getting your nails done, a new hairstyle, or putting on a facial mask. Here are 3 Ways to you can practice self care



Refresh Sleep Support Spray

Sleep deprivation can increase frustration and stress, and if you’re like me and suffer from insomnia. This wouldn’t be considered an “ easy” tip. However, what has helped me go to sleep drinking some hot tea with a few drops of my sleep tincture in it and reading a good book in bed. 



 Mental health is something we tend to neglect frequently. Which needs to come to an end. Did you know it's estimated that one third of the North American adult population experiences anxiety issues according to Anxiety Centre? Take time out of your day to mediate and to take deep breaths. This will help you conquer the day and to reset.

Quick Tip: Did you know you can meditate throughout your day? Aromatherapy is a great way to calm your mental whether at home or at work, too.

Try our Aromatherapy set


Yes, to Face Masks

Refresh Hydration Mask

What is the first thing you think about when you think of a little TLC for yourself? Of course, the face mask. This is an easy way to show yourself some love. Make it a habit to apply weekly mask.

Bonus: Hemp infused masks will add some spice to your facial by giving you some relaxation properties.


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