How Lavender Can Help With Relaxation, Anxiety, and Better Sleep

April 28, 2020

A sliced Refresh Lavender Vanilla bath salts jar with it's ingredients inside

If I can reward one flower in the world with a Nobel, that’d be Lavender. This beautiful flower has proven itself since thousands of years ago for its extraordinary benefits to the development of the medical industry, beauty, aromatherapy and even culinary. Lavender has been used to help alleviate anxiety, fights insomnia, rejuvenates skin, and help with some health problems such as digestion, respiratory, and blood pressure. No wonder in this modern time, lavender is still ranked to be the most popular ingredients that you can rely on.

Benefits of Lavender essential oil

The magic smell of lavender for your nerve.
You know it when the scent is around - gentle, herbaceous, and calming. Lavender works as an anxiolytic or anxiety reliever, just by inhaling it can provide a calming effect, soothe, and reduce the stress levels.

Refresh CBD bath salts Lavender Vanilla with its USP, Benefits and user guideline.

Sleep better with lavender.
Still related to the above points, lavender can also help a tense nervous system and provide help to insomnia. Many studies have proven that using lavender as aromatherapy can improve the quality of deep and better sleep. Thanks to linalyl acetate and linalool, the main components of lavender that increased slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles.

Therapeutic bath experience with lavender + CBD for an even better relaxing time. 
You will agree with me that after a long tiring day, a warm bath will help release fatigue. All the tension will melt as you enjoying the scent of lavender which brings you relaxation. A blend of lavender + CBD is even better. Imagine having all the lavender benefits + what CBD also can do for you. It’s like achieving a body and mind relaxation + comfort + rejuvenates the skin in a double portion!

A women posing in a standing position from a bathtub with a hemp leaf behind A women taking a bath in a bathtub with Refresh CBD Bath Salts Lavender Vanilla beside

Cannabidiol (CBD) works in conjunction with other therapeutic properties of lavender, soaking in heat helps expedite the process of CBD + lavender goodness absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores. No need to worry, those super ingredients will make you feel better without getting high since there is zero THC in the Refresh CBD Bath Salts.

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