CBD to protect you this winter? Yes, please.

November 09, 2020

CBD to protect you this winter? Yes, please.

Don’t let the winter blahs bring you down. Now the daylight is getting shorter, the trees are shedding their leaves and the nighttime temps are getting cooler. We’re at winter’s front stoop, not quite ready to knock on the door.

Mostly because we know we’re about to be spending so much more time indoors (and probably not with many other people around!). The awful consequences of dry indoor air on your skin. And yeah, the clothes can be downright cocoon-like, but they suck the moisture right out of you.

All of that leads to cracked, non-elastic skin that betrays your every movement. Your every 20-second hand-washing. Your every towel-off. 

That’s why we think right now is also the perfect time to take your body’s total health more seriously.

What do we mean by that?

Well, ‘tis the season of gift-giving, so let’s talk about some of the gifts you can give yourself during this crazy, crazy time. The most bang for your buck is probably giving the gift of pampering yourself. Someone’s got to do it, and you’re the only one who knows you as well as you do. So we say: Go for it.

For us here at Refresh HQ, when we’re looking to pamper ourselves, we grab whatever hand-washables we’ve got drying on the tub and fill it up for its intended purpose — an actual, honest-to-goodness bath. 

Why? The question, friend, is why not? It’s peaceful. It’s serene. The tranquility of resting in a warm tub is the perfect reset anytime. But especially so in winter. 

And whenever we unwind in the bath, we layer in some additional magic in the form of our Immunity Boost Duo — one of our four CBD bath salts, coupled with Refresh High Potency CBD Oil tincture.

We recommend the two together because CBD oil has been shown to improve immune response. And during cold and flu — and, let’s face it — COVID season, if you could do something that may have an impact on a healthy response to a virus, you would take that opportunity, right?

There’s also evidence that CBD oil can have a calming effect on dry, itchy winter skin. So go ahead and wear your favorite wool sweater. And take that bath — take a bunch of them! Sprinkle in some of our bath salts and add a few drops of our tincture. You’ll be so glad you did.

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