Boost Your Immune, Energy, and Metabolism with Tangerine

May 01, 2020

A Tangerine on a surface

Build a stronger immune system and make you stronger inside out.

Rich in antioxidants and antiseptic properties, tangerine essential oil can help enhance, improve mental health and physical health. The refreshing scent of citrus will relax your mind, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, and also has cytophylactic that help restoring damaged tissues in the body. 

some peeled Tangerine

Improve the creativity and energy within you. Beauty inside out.

Feeling a little blue and unmotivated? Especially in this unprecedented time of coronavirus, tangerine will bring some colors to cheer you up with its zesty scent that helps through your nasal passages and reach the brain’s limbic system. So, need to have more ideas? Get our Refresh CBD Bath Salt Tangerine to help you brainstorm, release tension, and get more fresh creativities to you! Taking a warm CBD bath is always a skin therapy, a meditation session, a mood booster.

Some Tangerine on a bowl

Detox your body and promotes healthier metabolism.

Tangerine essential oil natural antiseptic is proven to help fight the free radicals, kills bacteria, prevent disease, and detox from the inside. It contains a high level of vitamin D-limonene that works to renew and regenerate the cells, so you will be always refreshed and relaxed.

Refresh CBD Bath Salts Tangerine Sage Refresh CBD bath salts beside shower

Therapeutic bath experience with tangerine + CBD for even better regeneration

 A perfect combo for you to practice self-love. Tangerine + CBD is a fantastic match to provide you good things you really deserve. Refresh CBD Bath Salt contains all the benefits of tangerine + CBD that have a variety of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that make it a go-to bath time in traditional and modern applications. Our hemp CBD contains zero THC, so you won't get high by using our products. All our clean natural ingredients are plant-based straight from plants to a happier you.

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