CBD the Center of Your Bath Routine

January 02, 2020

Refresh CBD Bath Salts

What is CBD?

CBD is THC’s chiller cousin, derived from the hemp plant. CBD will not produce a high effect, but has recently skyrocketed in popularity due to its therapeutic benefits and legalization in the USA. 

How does it work in bath salts? 

CBD is often taken orally, smoked or vaped, or applied topically, but CBD bath products offer a non-invasive method of consumption that affects the whole body. Warm bath water opens pores, allowing the CBD to reach the bloodstream faster than it would through topical application. 

Our CBD Bath Salts are a base of Dead Sea Salts and CBD oil, mixed with essential oils that lend each product a different aromatherapeutic effect. 

Scroll down to find a list of the bath salts we currently offer. 


Four reasons to make CBD the center of your luxurious at-home spa routine


A CBD bath soothes achy muscles. 

Whether you hit the gym recently, or just need a break from the aches and pains of life, CBD is known to decrease inflammation and help improve mobility. 

It also can help people sleep at night, leading to better muscle recovery. 

Calm irritable skin. Those same anti-inflammatory properties make CBD a promising treatment for acne, psoriasis and itchy skin, and even improve the elasticity of skin, helping reduce acne scars over time.

Quell anxiety. Baths reduce anxiety. CBD reduces anxiety. Together, they pack a powerful punch that’s enhanced by aromatherapeutic effect that mixing steam and CBD produces.

Relaxing sleep. CBD induces feelings of sleepiness and tranquility in itself. Couple it with a warm bath, and some sleep promoting essential oils (think lavender or vanilla) and you’ll be catching z’s in no time. 


Our Products

This luxurious line of bath salts is designed to holistically nourish both  body and mind. Beginning with a base of Dead Sea salt — considered the best bath salts in the world — each Mineral Essence contains an intricate blend of our best-scented essential oils, designed to create a wide variety of personal care options.

Grapefruit Eucalyptus:

Mineral Essence Grapefruit Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salt is naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin C properties that boost the immune system and have a relaxing and soothing effect, helping to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Grapefruit oil is cheerful and uplifting, while Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing, purifying scent that invigorates.

Lavender Vanilla:

Mineral Essence Lavender Vanilla Dead Sea Bath Salt has the comforting, sweet fragrance of vanilla, which is the perfect complement to the calming scent of lavender, as both work to melt stress and bring peace to body and mind. Combined with world-renowned Dead Sea bath salt, recognized for its therapeutic properties, this luxurious soak is ideally suited for a bedtime bath.

Neroli Bergamot:

Mineral Essence Neroli Bergamot Dead Sea Bath Salt contains Neroli essential oil, derived from white orange blossoms, which has an alluring, sweet citrus scent and is widely known for its calming effects on the skin. Bergamot essential oil is a derivative of the ripe fruit of the bergamot tree. Bergamot has a fresh, floral citrus scent that is uplifting, rejuvenating and balancing. Combined with world-renowned Dead Sea bath salt, recognized for its therapeutic properties, this soothing soak is ideal for relaxing the mind and softening the skin.

Tangerine Sage:

Mineral Essence Tangerine Sage Dead Sea Bath Salt is fresh, crisp and tangy; the sparkling scent of tangerine works as a therapeutic mood elevator, restoring feelings of happiness and well being that will last long after bath time. Combined with the soothing relief of sage and Dead Sea bath salt, this therapeutic blend delivers glowing, radiant skin, along with a renewed, vibrant state of being.


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