CBD to protect you this winter? Yes, please.

CBD to protect you this winter? Yes, please.

by Team Refresh November 09, 2020

Discover CBD wellness essentials to strengthen immunity, stay healthy while staying home this winter. Refresh CBD products such as CBD bath salts, CBD room spray, CBD oil, CBD aroma rollerball and other best CBD products near you make the awesome holiday gifts for yourself or family.

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A wooden texture clock at 12.00 on a wall

Best time to take CBD

by Team Refresh July 22, 2020

CBD intake & its output related to our endocannabinoid system. Learn more about type of CBD, Potency & Strength, dosage and some interesting way to add it in your daily routine.

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A women crossed her both hands on her shoulders.

CBD oil benefits for skin

by Team Refresh July 16, 2020

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A cloudy blue sky with moon

CBD and Healthy Sleep

by Team Refresh July 15, 2020

Sleep is essential to wellbeing, and it is more important self-care.

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Text of Black Lives Matter | Refresh CBD

Do better. Be better.

by Team Refresh June 09, 2020

Black lives matter. It’s no longer silent on these deep-rooted problems and barriers, and it’s worth repeating until the day it doesn’t need to be addressed again. As the world continues to demand justice upon the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and many other innocent victims, it is time to bring more systemic change. The recent example of police brutality is heart-sickening, disturbing, devastating. It is impossible to ignore if you’re a human being. 

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Some hemp leaves on a face mask

CBD & Immunity: a strong immune system is the key especially during unprecedented times

by Team Refresh May 28, 2020

A strong immune system during unprecedented coronavirus pandemic seems more important than ever, helps protect yourself against virus before vaccine available. Discover how CBD can boost and strength your immune system. A healthy immune system is fundamental, and plays a direct crucial role to everything related to health and wellness. 

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Human lung's picture with some green leafs

Tips on keep your lung healthy

by Team Refresh May 08, 2020

Keeping your lung healthy during Coronavirus pandemic seems more important ever. Here are some tips Refresh wants to share with you. Have you tried CBD bath yet? For a better overall health and lung health, you may never go back to regular bubble bath. 

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Some water splashing from bergamot

Self-care with Bergamot: cleanse, detox, reduce stress, and manage pain

by Team Refresh May 06, 2020

Self-care with bergamot. Refresh CBD bath salts bergamot + neroli make it convenient for more self-indulgence and self-love. Bergamot essential oils is ranked one of the best, with CBD aka as best botanical: clean CBD wellness

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A Tangerine on a surface

Boost Your Immune, Energy, and Metabolism with Tangerine

by Team Refresh May 01, 2020

Aside being rich in antioxidants as a superfood and super skincare ingredient, tangerine is also a mood, energy booster, metabolism enhancer, immune system support, anti-bacterial. Tangerine + CBD bring is an excellent blend to bring more effective benefits to our plant-based wellness and health.

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A half sliced grapefruit on hands.

Why Grapefruit is Great for Wellness & Beauty

by Team Refresh April 30, 2020

Grapefruit helps uplift and balance mood + energy booster, a natural antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic that can detoxify and cleanse the body, promote weight loss, reduce cellulite, and soothe the skin. Better yet, grapefruit plus CBD bath experience is the latest self-care wellness essential.

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A sliced Refresh Lavender Vanilla bath salts jar with it's ingredients inside

How Lavender Can Help With Relaxation, Anxiety, and Better Sleep

by Team Refresh April 28, 2020

Lavender and lavender essential oils have extraordinary benefits. Discover more of the powerful pairing of lavender + CBD that nature can offer us.  

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A hand squeezing some Refresh Lemon CBD balm.

Best balm for my dry, dehydrated hands

by Team Refresh April 27, 2020

 Like everyone now, I wash my hands far more frequent prior to Covid-19 pandemic started. Hands are super dehydrated, also my nails and cuticles are super dry. The best balm infused with CBD and lemon essential oils is here to rescue. Beside my work laptop at home, there is always a coffee mug, a glass of water and Refresh CBD Lemon Balm that I put in on every time after...

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